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The ancestral home of the Barons Sansmenton. The present edifice was built by Baron Etienne, St Exupery, Gaston, Pierre, Fifi, Marcel Sansmenton the 19th C. mustard-spoon magnate .

The Sansmenton are of course kin to the Chinless clan of England, able to trace their origins back to a 13th C. knight who paused there on his way back from the 4th Crusade, giving his name as Ni...Ni.... Norman - though this turned out to be only his nationality. The careless chevalier was eventually identified as Sir Nigel of Nemandible Parva - he'd left his metal boots under the bed to be polished, with his name engraved inside! Unable to marry the wench, he was forced to hand over his lands in France.

 The present chateau is built on the site of the old donjon. Legend has it that an early Sansmenton also gave his name to the lake. Espying (no one could just 'see' back then) a beautiful maiden across the water a young knight dived from the battlements to reach her. Unfortunately the chill cooled his ardour and he died for love, though the 80 lbs. of plate armour may have helped. In his memory it is still known as .....

- Lac Stupide.  

A lover of romance himself, Baron Fifi insisted on a Water Gallery -  from whence (there they go again, why couldn't they speak proper like what we does?) he could sally forth to find adventure after dark while his wife watched the front door 

Today the chateau is still in the family, but serves as an exclusive resort hotel where the weary wealthy can escape the pressures of St Tropez and Klosters. This Summer, an entire floor has been taken over by Sir Arnold Grasp, the British plastic aerial baron, as a training camp for his team. Safe from the prying eyes of the Chipping Chinless Gazette and Enquirer, 'Team Grasp' are aiming at the biggee itself - the Prix D'Scunthorpe. Nothing else will do for Sir Arnold! 

Here we see Torquill Scrunt, the team captain, in the moment of victory against a local French Club, Les Gauloise. Naturally Sir Arnold makes sure the cameras capture the moment, while, Shannon, Fiachra and Natasha of Les Graspettes, get a chance to do their victory cheer. Some of the locals have come out to watch -  but the cyclists keep getting in the way.

Overhead, Sir Arnold's latest gimmick circles the chateau to contribute to the celebrations - another victory for the Red Baron!

Close by, the Hotel provides excellent facilities for the children, a must with Sir Arnold, not only a pet cemetery which now serves as goat pen, a favourite with young Lady Isabelle, but a Corsair D'Carib play centre.

Meanwhile out on the lake, Tara and Bethany rehearse speed-boat cheer stunts for the team promo video. Which may also explain why les garcons of the local  Sauve Qui Peut Societe D'Se Rendre, have chosen today for a boating trip.

Unbeknownst to Les Garcons their femme have also decided to come along, just in case things get out of hand.

Meanwhile, off-duty, the boys of Team Grasp find time to discuss race tactics with Les Graspettes aboard The Isabelle, Sir Arnold's launch.

Laid out by the Discworld landscaper, B.S.Johnstone the ornamental gardens still draw visitors from all over the village.

The Graspettes give a final cheer for Torquill while Binky Twinge, Sir Arnold's pilot, enjoys the show.

you can see an alternative photo-set at: password 'waterloo'

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BaykoBoy on March 09, 2010

Sir Bill Arnold Grasp


Sir Bill Arnold Grasp is alive and as well as are his splendid creations.

Fabluous theme and model building.

One day we might actually see one in the flesh!

Confined to a table tennis table and too big to get through the door, just like Sir Arnold.

Keep up the good work.


[email protected] NEW!!!
Bilfred on February 14, 2010


Gratia tibi ago! It keeps me off the streets.
Joschik on February 14, 2010

Quite a feast

You're getting better and better at this. It's hard to tell where the real Bayko world stops and the virtual starts!
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