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378 AD The last Army of Rome in the East  debouches from the Syllembrian Gates at Constantinople to advance against the Gothic host pillaging around the city of Adrianople

The Emperor Valens watchs his Praetorians pass in review while atop the wall the young tribune Nemanda laments his fate as garrison commander

Ten days later a Gothic raiding party arrives at dusk before the walls of 'The City' itself with confirmation of the impossible rumours - that the Emperor and entire army have been encircled and wiped out

The Gothic chief, Grasperic, calls on the commander and his handful of defenders to surrender. And receives Nemanda's proud reply - 'Romane Sum!' - (I am a Roman)

Enraged by the defiance and lusting for the incredible wealth within his reach Grasperic orders his warriors into the assault

Inside the emperilled city some lose faith and turn back to the old gods in their fear

Meanwhile the Lady Nemanta leads the womenfolk to the battlements to support their men and remind them of all that they fight for.

Hold them, Damn you! Hold them!

Beyond the walls Grasperic and the nobles of his Gothic cavalry circle in impotence as their tribesmen are hurled back - the triple walls of Constantinople will not fail, The City will not fall, not for another eight hundred years.

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