Bayko Turned 75!

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The BAYKO Collectors Club celebrated the 75th birthday of the world's first and finest plastic construction toy last week-end at the Merstham Model Steam Show. Two days where the club exposed their unbelievable Bayko Constructions.




Here are some of their impressive achievements like the Bayko Cathedral made with not less than 30,000 parts:

St Bayko Cathedral- with large bells constantly ringing-

Buckingam Palace

The‚   Pier

A lot of other sets were exposed at their massive stand.

Eckersley Towers

Bayko Display

Maisons d'Afrique

I loved this set, maybe the fact that I'm French has something to do with it!

Jackie in action building a set

Indeed, everbody was constantly building something! I very much enjoyed meeting‚  Alwyn, Andy, Brenda, Frank, Gary, Henry, Jackie, Ken, Leo, Malcolm, Peter,‚   Robin, Steve, Vicki. (I hope I did not forgot anybody). With a friendly and merry atmosphere... the Bayko Club has definitely celebrated Bayko anniversary as it should be.

Credits: Thank you to Andy Harris for the six first pictures and also to Christian for the last ones. They are great.

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Jackie on January 22, 2010

Tongue and Groove blocks

This is a very late reply to GunnerJim - yes they are indeed tongue and groove wooden blocks. This is quite a popular connection method for wooden building systems, sometimes combined with other connections in the same set.
BaykoBoy on May 27, 2009



Thanks to everyone for their comments. Super show. 75 years since first introduction of BAYKO, so we put on 1600 sq ft and 50 tables of BAYKO and Alternative Construction systems. Just some of what the 100 BAYKO Collectors Club members own! Jackie alone has 800 systems! For more details Google in BAYKO or look at of Cathedral fame. Approx 30,000 parts. I know we put in 20K in 10 days in a mammoth build to get it ready.

BAYKO isn't too difficult to get except in quantity for this volume. In the Club we have new spares, repro, long rods, floors, cut roofs, and other original spares, mainly post war, as quite a few people search for pre war due to different colour variarions.

Contact me for more info:
Robin Throp
14 Suffolk Close,
London Colney,
St Albans,
Herts. AL2-1DZ
[email protected]
Bayko Collectors Club

Muthad on May 27, 2009

Love the variety

In particular the Masion d'Afrique!
johnbad on May 23, 2009

Love the Cathedral!

Amazing! Will have to look out for some Bayko myself.
GunnerJim on May 22, 2009

Tongue and grove blocks

Impressive lots of buildings on display. In the last picture I presume they are wooden blocks and some of them seemed to be tongue and grove. I am not familiar with Bayko.
mellow60s on May 21, 2009

Ooooh, someday!

This was a delightful piece and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was through this website I first heard of Bayko and ever since I have been looking forward to having a small selection of Bayko items. They look like great fun to build and definitely would look great among my toy cars and antique typewriters here in the heart of Texas, USA. Thanks for sharing the fun!
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