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             Russia 1812, west of Smolensk - the retreating Russian forces stream past the monastery of Our Lady of Kazan.

The abbot comes to the gate to bless the marching men - the Russian generals have orders to destroy all in the French path, but that cannot include Our Lady

French Hussars and Chasseurs chase off the cossacks. The weary Russian rearguard must turn and fight as troops of Victor's Corps, a polyglot of Italians, Germans and Poles move up.  

Voltiguers and tiralleurs go forward to pin the enemy while Davout's 1st Corps shakes out into battle order. 

 The Emperor himself arrives with The Guard and Reserve Artillery inevitably in his wake - a Grand Battery is soon pounding the Russian lines

Davout's battalions move forward 

The Russians unleash their heavy cavalry to break up the attack

Davout counters with the Carabiniers and the Grenadiers a' Cheval - a swirling sabre melee ensues

As the dust settles Napoleon judges that the moment of decision has arrived - time to unleash the ultimate weapon - MOZART, as played by The Guard's Band - backed up by 'Les Grognards' themselves of course. Realising the game is up the Russian commander orders a retreat in the face of the merciless racket!

 Skirmish over, the long columns begin to move again, on toward Moscow

Meanwhile the courtyard of Our Lady is tranformed into a charnel house as Surgeon Larrey deals with the debris of the battle

 The Guard's Band plays in the courtyard to encourage people to get back to their regiments and lull the wounded

 The Emperor meets with the abbot to thank him for his help - bespectacled and bald Davout at his right hand, the gaudy Murat  behind and Rastoum the Emperor's Mameluke in close attendance

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Bilfred on September 23, 2011


Hello John, I read your book years ago, in fact I still have an old copy on my shelf - you may even be responsible for my taking up wargames??
john tunstill
john tunstill on September 23, 2011


What a wonderful set of pictures. Thankyou. The Bayko buildings, are all the pieces original? I've never seen the pointed roof in any of their catalogues and I've got some 40 assorted complete sets / boxes from the 50's and 60's for sale.
The wargame figures also are beautiful, and again I have several thousand pieces for sale, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm, the stock from my shop in Lambeth, London. Did I see an earlier blog by you of a Roman villa complete with naked slave girls? My John's Girls might appeal to you, 75mm lead alloy. John Tunstill.
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