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 Nemandible Halt - rush hour, both commuters race for the platform

 A view of the back gardens along Station Road and the siding that gave the Halt its name

 The 'Engine' , favoured hostelry of the station staff and open all hours - well, it's hard enough to stay awake on those long hauls without having to stay sober too!

 The Virgin Rail City Express - did you see it? Or maybe it just never arrived?

 The Nemandible cop-shop and the unfortunately named Folsom Towers next door where many of the young constables board. 

 Binky Twinge pulls his vintage vehicle in outside the Co-Op to try his luck with a passing Margaret Rutherford look-a-like.            

Police block traffic on the Station Road junction in preparation for Le Graspettes and Sir Arnold's arrival           

 Traffic starts to tail back and road apathy begins to rear its ugly eyebrow as motorists tut-tut and grab the chance to check their make-up in the rear-view. They'll be kicking the tires and folding their arms soon!      

 Sir Arnold and Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless arrive to perform  the official re-opening now the municipal pool has been refurbished - one of SirArnold's fleet GR-INDustries trucks just happen to be on hand for when the TV cameras start to roll.     

  Le Graspettes get the show started outside the Jerusalem Chapel, seeing his chance Dribble the Doberman nips in to keep tradition alive



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