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The further fencing fables of Alice D'Artagnan'

 Part 4 - The Retrieval of Rochefort

you can see the rest at - 'Maison Saisir','L'Abbaye Ste Lavine', 'L'Hotel De Treville', 'St Cecilia's Sisters of the Sacred Sibilance', Paschin Sur Seine

In the crepuscular gloom of a grey Atlantic dawn (hmmm nice!) the fishing fleet returns to Le Petit Basin  while the watchtower sentries search in vain for an English fleet to relieve their beleaguered Huguenot city

Beyond the harbour the citizens are starting to waken

But what is this? Four salty figures hurry ashore - clearly they have caught nothing this night!  

The quartet hasten to drown their sorrows in'The Laughing Sandbag' hostelry where morning coffee,cognac and croissant are already being served to the early risers and late staggerers

Behind the tavern the four rendezvous with a cowled figure - it is Milady D'Lateautumn, agent of Cardinal Richelieu, who has been in the besieged city now for four days. Her news is grim, there will be no furtive night time jail-break or boat rescue for the captured Rochefort - he is to be shot - this morning! 

Meanwhile at that very moment Rochefort is being taken under heavy escort to receive the final sacrement from the last Catholic  priest in the city - after all, we don't want the chap collected by the wrong god, do we !!

In the Place Boucheron the drummers begin their slow death roll - summoning the citizenry

While the firing squad load their pieces

The condemned man is led into the square to hear the charges read against him - the sentence has already been decreed

But in a nearby courtyard those who have not gone to see the show are treated to a spectacle of their own as the four strangers shed their disguises - Yes, it's them, Alice D'Artagnan and his comrades Bathos, Pathos, Chanel, determined to do or die in the blue tabard (Well, you knew it was them all along, didn't you?). They brace themselves for the charge!

The muskets are levelled and the escort clears - squaring his shoulder Rochefort refuses a blindfold (bit tricky anyway, with one eye and all that) and doffs his hat - shame to get bullet holes in an expensive chapeau! (Best Flemish moffet, you see, finest felt)

The musketeers charge into the firing squad shouting 'ou est le crepe suzette?' and 'voici l'escargot' to add to the doubt and confusion

While thethrong stand amazed Rochefort is bundled into a nearby alley, Bathos and Pathos turning to hold their pursuers at bay while Alice and Chanel dispose of the guards covering the battlement stairs

Reaching the ramparts Pathos covers the stairs while Alice holds off the sentries giving Bathos and Chanel time to force an entry into the Boucheron Gate using one of the Huguenot sentries as a battering ram

 Inside the gatehouse the cables are cut, lowering both portcullis and drawbridge - before racing up to the fighting top to lower a rope, down which our heroes swarm while their enemies on the far side of the portcullis snarl in impotence

Bullets hum around their heads as the Huguenot musketeers reach the ramparts (they must have run out of escargot!!). Recognising the threat a troop of Royal dragoons gallop out to draw fire and sweep the running men up on their cantles and away to safety

Safe in the Royal camp the Cardinal's agent is returned to his master - while the musketeers recieve a cheer and a nod of recognition and approval from theirs - for such heroes it is... enough.

you can see an alternative photo-set at: 




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