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The crusader camp outside Byzantium 1204 - unable to pay the blind octogenarian Doge Dandolo of Venice for their transport the crusader leaders listen to the old man's alternative suggestion

The Frankish trebuchets La Malvoisin and Le Mechant open the assault

The towers intended for Jerusalem roll forward against Byzantium, the bulwark of Eastern Christianity, instead

The Byzantine defenders, ironically men of the western Varangian Guard, move to meet the assault

The attack intensifies

Valorous shame - the English Knight, Sir Nigel Nemandible, gains a foothold on the outer wall . 

Meanwhile the Dalmatian knight Arnolfo Graspetti is too 'busy' to answer the call of duty

The Byzantine catapulta wreak terrible slaughter among the attackers

Word comes that the Venetian shipborne asssault on the seawalls has breached the harbour defenses - Constantinople, 'The City' is taken

The leaders gather at the Doge's tent to discuss division of the spoils - the richest city in the world is theirs to play with

Meanwhile the troops who have risked their lives give themselves over to pillage

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