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The turkish forces, led by the young Sultan Mehmet arrive before the walls. The building of the Rumeli fortress has, for the first time in its history, cut 0ff 'The City' from all help.

 The Sultan meets with Urban the Hungarian christian whose 'greate gonne' is intended to breach the unbreakable triple walls.

The Anatolian forces of Ishak Pasha, men whose ancestors once served Byzantium, now launch seventeen separate assaults on the beleaguered city

At sunrise the defence finally fails and the Turkish forces stream through the shattered gates

The defenders fight to the last man, there is no hope of quarter on this day

 Sultan Mehmet, soon to be hailed as 'The Conqueror' inspects the corpse believed to be Constantine X1, the last emperor - slain in the breach. Henceforward 'Istanbul' - The City - will be the Turkish capital

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