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Bayko 41

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Nova Carpena , the Festival of Peace

The parade moves up The Strada to the Piazza Signoria

At its head the image of the Redeemed Magdalena draws its usual adoration

While behind, the knights of the three nobles houses jostle to be her escort

At the Duomo Cardinal Strozzi waits to welcome her back for another year

On his left Bishop Alto, on his right, Arnolfo Carpi, the town's 'Capitano' 

Exiled to the fringes, Don Dodjee and Don Schiffti, smoulder under the mockery of  Boffo, Carpi's fool 

With the Magdalena safe once more the celebrations can begin

As always the joust ends in a Carpi triumph, and the Don celebrates with a deafening blast from his new fangled 'gonne'

Determined not to be bested, Dom Schiffti's pop gun offers a feeble reply

While Don Dodgee's intended show-stealer turns out to be a humiliating damp squib

And now, with the noble metal-bashing over, it is time for lesser men to show their skills  

Yet again the blue clad 'Dead Eye' Rizzi takes the prize

Just as it is Team Carpi who win the aptly named 'Bolt from the Blue' contest

and finally the archers, with Team Carpi given pride of place and loosing first

While Don Carpi consults triumphantly with his jester about what final message to send across the piazza

At which point something snaps and the men of House Dodjee and House Shiffti unite in a show of their own marksmanship

Time for an... adjustment. For the Carpi caballeros it's a ransom, for Don Carp himself - well, let's just say there's going to be a new Capitano next year.

But for Boffo?

Seems Signora Schiffti and Donna Dodjee have no sense of humour at all.

And so we leave Nova Carpena as the choir's 'pax vobiscum' rises to mark the end of yet another Festival of Peace - a special time that brings people together!

If you have a Bayko model you'd like to show or share, or simply want to chat, ask or discuss the construction set, there is now a public Facebook Group called 'Bayko Builders'  - it's open to anyone, anyone can contribute

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The Macellaria


The Congiari smokehouse


The Baptistry

The Michelozzo House



The Frontini Warehouse

The Grimaldi Bakery



The Signoria


The Palazzo Dodjee

The Palazzo Chiffti 





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