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also available with a sharper photset at '' - password 'waterloo'


The chateau of Paschin sur Seine, Cardinal Richelieu's 'hunting lodge'.

The 'Eminence Rouge'  is entertaining King Louis and Queen Anne

This morning the royal party have decided to take the air

Queen Anne takes the coach with the long-awaited Dauphin, Prince Louis

While the King, his latest mistress and the cardinal, off-duty in mufti, follow behind

Meanwhile the Four Musketeers - Alice, Bathos, Pathos and Chanel - arrive to meet the usual welcome

Chanel kneels to absolve his opponent, but there is no time for idle obstruction - they bring dire warning - a rebellious rabble has been raised by the Duc De  Rohan and is even now......

The crash of musketry signals they may already be too late - for back on the Esplenade a  guard is tumbling from the saddle and the formal gardens are suddenly alive with howling rascals.

King Louis does not hesitate, but swings about and spurs away, Madame Dezone and the Cardinal hard behind - all galloping to bring help, no doubt!

As the remaining guards go down the rebels surge towards the defenceless Queen and the precious heir, but here come our heroes just in time

Driving the rebels back momentarily they rescue the coach party, but outnumbered ten-to-one and with the enemy closing on either flank can do no more than make them pay dear as they give ground

A strew of bodies marks their retreat, but not without cost,  the royal grooms shot down as they panicked and attempted to flee, Pathos downed by a ball in the shoulder, Chanel by a thrust through the thigh - only the very press of their enemies preserves Alice and Bathos from  being shot too as they weave  a flickering wall of desperate courage around their Queen.

Yet help is even now at hand and the wiser rebels already  start to think of escape.

Suddenly the gardens are alive with scarlet heroes, slaughtering the fugitives

Meanwhile, a belated ring of doughty scarlet engulfs Queen Anne and the Dauphin as Her Majesty supervises the loading of her wounded protectors and promises the care of her own physician

A week later, King Louis steps forward to recognise the heroic service of the quartet while the court acclaims them and the Cardinal sits in silence

The choir raises a Te Deum as the cheers ring out


also available with a different photoset at '' - password 'waterloo'


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