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Bayko 33

you can see a sharper photoset at - password 'waterloo'

The Dodger's Stadium

Another Attention Grasper From Sir Arnold!

Sir Arnold's latest contribution to the community - a new stadium for a new game

Desdemona Molewrench bears down on Lady Lavinia while young Isabelle keeps her eye on the sky

A throaty roar announces the arrival of the Chipping Chinless Silver Dreams

The crowd applaud - it's always an impressive stunt, but not the first time most have seen it

Meanwhile, behind the stadium, the local skaters find their favourite car park full

A collective sigh turns into a thunderous roar as the Graspettes make their arrival, each riding their individual DBP (dirigible balloon platform) - Tara, as usual, facing the wrong way (it's the magnetic boots, once they lock it's almost impossible to turn - that, and the fact that she's a ditz)

Radio sequenced the balloons swing in formation towards the stadium

The throng surge after them for the turnstiles

The Graspettes are met by Lady Lavinia and launch into their routine as the press hurry to catch the moment and the public start to spill in behind

With the pitch cleared and everything else ready to go the Big Balloon himself arrives in style

The GB's and Graspettes crowd round the purple-panted-people-pleaser for some last minute encouragement

And now, at last, it's game time - and still the GB's are playing to the crowd

Ethel Mudd and the rest of The Blue Meanies mark their targets

While downfield Honeychile Longshanks offers Vesper Dream first bung of the eggy thing and Samantha Yearn is still demonstrating why she took a silver in the Olympic Pouting last year!

But all that turns out to be just an act as the balls fly and Sam swings a curvaceous hip just in time, while Honey chalks up her first hit

The rest, as they say, is just history - final score 37-18, no need to ask who to.

Honey gives the cameras a last 'twirk' as Sir Arnold and Lady Lavinia come forward for the presentation

Seems all that strut was no substitute for talent, but the proof of it!

The crowd raise a final cheer and wait to see if the DBP's will come back -  while the skaters make the most of the empty streets

Sometimes the skaters get inside - Lady Lavinia sponsors a Roller Derby team, The Triplettes (Lady Lavinia's Ladies)

Here the Triplette hazers block the Chipping Chinless Chargers as Richenda Hardhips races through to score

And when the GB's and Triplettes are away the Dodger Box also serves as home to the Nemandible Ninjas

At present the Ninjas are  one down - Dribble the Doberman having come on court as mascot, lost his paws and nosed the puck into their own net - smooth

Rejected and ejected the hapless hound makes do with Fred Sludge, who is inspecting the drain outflow while the street is closed

you can see more Bayko Baron at - password 'waterloo'

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