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Bayko 16

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Pirates Part 4: 'Girl Talk'

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'Lakjaw Manor', 'The Rescue of Calico Jack', 'San Serif','Casa Lardo','The Loom O'Shean', 'The Frantic Frog', Isla Isabella', 'Auto De Fe','La Hachada' and 'Eldorado'

The Great Wheel at Casa Lardo

Don Lardo D'Graspo y Lobby y Corridor's settlement on the Rio Negra

Don Lardo has reopened the old Mayan silver workings in the Sierra Argento, using slave labour to replace the disease exterminated locals

New arrivals are greeted by Fra Domenico, while Pizarro brandishes his latest scalp and shows his hounds to warn them what happens to runaways and De Soto the hangman demonstrates the penalty for lesser offences

Watch towers at either end of the compound makes security complete

Once inside the fetters are struck off - shackles cost money and are irrelevant here

Once excavated the ore is crushed, washed and then smelted in the new Lardo Mill, the helves, sluices and bellows driven by the great wheel, the Rio Negra itself carrying off the waste.

The whole process is under the supervision of a detachment of the Regimento Irlanda, but the raw silver ingots are still carried away in locked chests

The Irlanda garrison 

The medical tents stand by the burial ground - half will succumb to fever before they get back to the coast

The Hacienda where Don Lardo and his new bride, Donna Quibab,  do their best to endure the intolerable discomforts 

Under the pergola J.S.Clutterbuck and his Roccoco Rocksters provide soothing comfort

While up on the terrace Don Lardo takes coffee with his lieutenants.  Young Don Rodrigo y Limpo y Vapido is carried off in yet another swoon after visiting Donna Quibab

Elsewhere Donna Quibab is also doing her best to keep cool and amused

On the South Quay the 'Sancho' delivers a few more comforts to ease their sufferings while across the river the 'Pansa' unloads blasting powder for the workings - both will run back down to San Serife loaded with chests

Don Lardo makes his daily inspection, carried aloft by four specially imported Senegalese amazons, a fifth carrying his wig and rum in case of need while Don Rodrigo clears the way - something of a peacock our young hidalgo, a real pablito!

A bored sentry takes a casual pot-shot at something moving amongst the trees - who knows, there might be roast wild pig or tapir for supper?

The response is unexpectedly lethal

Surprise lost Calico Jack Chinless orders the attack - and suddenly the fetid forest is fatally full of fierce filibusters in their filched and faded finery - damn, there go the teeth again! But it lacks cohesion - half the men are still coming up.

Forewarned the duty squad have time to form and get off a ragged volley that checks the rascals, but they are too few and will have no time to reload!

Meanwhile a second party, led by The Barracudda herself, heads directly for the river and the pontoon.

But they too are already too late. The first crackle of musketry has brought the rest of the Irlanda tumbling from their barracks - and there's Donna Quibab too, giving orders to the manner born, setting up a fireline to cover the pontoon and sending a second squad to hold the mill.

Even J.S. And his Rocksters have rallied - arming themselves to sell their lives dear, while Fra Domenico promises to grant absolution if they actually hit anyone!

Outside the compound the assault has stalled. The Irlanda retreating to the mill, from where they can slaughter any attacker.

RobRoy McChickenNuggets has organised and armed the liberated workers and they are more than ready to try and storm the building - but Calico Jack has refused the offer, not least because he knows they must fail.

In the meantime the field hands and women are working out their frustrations on Pizzaro and De Soto, or whats left of 'em!

On the North Shore the pirates set up a desultory firing line of their own, but there's not much enthusiasm with so much powder around. The only good news is that Don Lardo himself has been forgotten is the general confusion. 

Time to talk - Don Lardo has lost his fine silk jacket, Don Rodrigo his dignity - and is now sent off to arrange a parley with 'Fingers' Moody, the youngest buccaneer, announcing him.

Of course negotiation is no time for male machismo so its the ladies who get to chat

 First offer - Don Lardo for the silver - no deal.

Second offer - the silver or we release Don Lardo - no deal. 

Time to sweeten the offer - we get the silver or we take the blasting powder and blow the Mill, the Mine and Don Lardo with it, into the middle of next week!

Ah! Now that we can shake on!

RobRoy shepherds his maroons into the shrubbery

While the Sancho and Panza fully laden slip their cables and head downstream

And Don Lardo, restored to his coat and wig, seethes in impotent rage and vows that the next time he meets these.......people, it will be on his terms and with an army at his back.

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