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Bayko 15

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 'Lakjaw Manor', 'The Rescue of Calico Jack', 'San Serif' , 'Casa Lardo', The Loom O'Shean', 'The Frantic Frog' ,'Isla Isabella'' Auto de Fe' 'La Hachada' and 'Eldorado'


San Serif - capital of Nuevo Aranjuez province

The 'Escorial of the West' -  Governor Don Lardo D'Graspo's Palace

At the main quay the San Ityclaus, has just berthed. Hard by, her escort, the brig San Gabrielle, is already deserted by a crew anxious to make the most of their time ashore

Inside the Escorial, Don Lardo-y-Graspo-y-Lobby-y-Corridor prepares to greet his new bride - fresh delivered from Old Castile

The Viceregal Coach heads for the harbour, guarded by the sweating men of the Old Cordoba regiment

Don Lardo pauses to check wedding arrangements with Archbishop Gigantos and Cardinal Numero while the town crier calls the bans - no point in wasting time!

While in a plaza nearby the locals arm themselves for a show of loyalty

Meanwhile, at Ms Sadie's Home For Indigent Seamstresses, the crew of the San Gabrielle are making the most of the unexpectedly free grog - part of the wedding celebrations no doubt!

Up above Captain Lecheroso is having no luck at all with Ms Sadie herself whose attention seems rivetted on the harbour

Where, pooped on the poop of the San Ityclaus, the bride, Donna Quibab de Tequila y Margarita, mistaking herself for the object of attention - why not, she always is -  raises a goblet in salute to a kindred spirit.

Meanwhile in Donna Messwivme's 'Blue Barnacle' the mood is strangely sober as the guests play Mr Bun The Baker to pass the time

While out in the steaming jungle beyond the town a pack of ragged desperadoes moves purposefully in the shadows beneath the trees

Back on the wharf the San Ityclaus has begun unloading, the first coffle of slaves heading for the San Serif baracoon

While the Marine Artillery prepare to fire the 18 gun salute Donna Quibab has demanded

A crash of musketry interrupts the proceedings - two greencoats go down - Major Ximenes gives chase as the assailants flee towards the jungle

The Regiment Irlanda, is called out - rotten fruit is one thing, bullets quite another!

They cordon off the Plaza, where the orchestra is ordered to play 'confident official music'

 Archbishop Gigantos does what he can for the fallen

Meanwhile The Blue Barnacle is suddenly deserted

More shots and two of the Irlanda stagger

A stunned crowd gathers round the fallen

The Irlanda head off through the Mercado Depistado in pursuit

His reception in tatters a raging Don Lardo summons the only troops left to protect the coaches, the Marine Artillery - they can always 'ram and sponge' anyone who gives trouble

Shortly a flotilla of coastal traders sweeps into the now undefended harbour - loyal citizens from the fishing villages come to join in the  celebrations, no doubt !

They sweep past Pirate Island, where the pile of skulls and laden gibbets serve notice of Don Lardo's attitude to that  profession

 'The Celtic Corsair', RobRoy McChickenNuggets and his crew of maroons sieze the West Quay

While on the East Quay it's Gaspard LePhew, 'Le Grenouille Frenetique' (Frantic Frog) dreaded along the Main for his misuse of garlic

Meanwhile, spurned by Ms Sadie Captain Lecheroso returns to the San Gabrielle to find he has guests - none other than Calico Jack Chinless himself - it's really not his day!

Nor is it Governor Don Lardo's day either, piqued at the impunity of the piratical pilfering and the public humiliation it brings, he gives way to a fit of foot stamping - and promptly brings on his gout. Sending runners for his missing regiments he consoles himself that the wind has dropped to a whisper and the captured ship will be going nowhere in a hurry. 

Which is no comfort at all to Captain Lecheroso

While out in the jungle the Old Cordoba have caught up with Happy Dan Pugh, along with Long John Nickel-Plating, Fingerless Peterkin (don't ask) and a few others. Major Ximenes is down and several of his men with him, while the rest have remembered urgent business elsewhere.

A similar misadventure has overtaken the Irlanda at the hands of Violent Vinny Arbuthnot and Johnathan Taperwick

Meanwhile Calico Jack has clewed up the t'gallants, luffed home the stuns'ls and tied a bit o string round anything that needs it; before having the unmitigated gall to sway out the brig's own whaleboat, cut her cables and haul her out inch-by-inch under sweeps. Ingenious blackguard!

Bad turns to worse as a now begowned Donna Quibab materialises to imperiously demand why her salute has been aborted and she herself kept waiting!!! In the silence that follows all that can be heard is Dribble the Doberman doing his bit by pouring water on troubled oil.

While out in the harbour the San Gabrielle, soon to become the infamous 'Saucy Galdys Trusspott', is almost clear. Not that there is much danger, La Grenouille Frenetique and the Celtic Corsair have spiked all guns before coming off.

 A lone skiff draws away from Pirate Island, where the dangling buccaneers have been cut down. Her captain turns and waves. To Ms Sadie on her balcony it is a fond farewell from her sister, Edith Puttle. To Don Lardo it is a last intolerable flourish from - THE BARRACUDA!  

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