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The Zengid Mosque at Al Jibba

A lighthouse on the shore of the sand-sea the Mosque of Zengi and its oasis offer refreshment of body and soul to the weary

But the isolated shrine is not safe - even at this moment a raiding party from Antioch, backed up by the Templars from Kerak and a force of Hospitallers from Acre is approaching.

Forewarned, Nurredin, Seljuq Atabeg of Aleppo, has sent Yusuf Ayubb, one of his promising young lieutenants, to meet the threat.

With their goal in sight the crusaders find themselves engulfed in a swarm of horse-archers. Experienced in desert warfare Arnauld De Graspillon, the Templar commander, forms his infantry in a hollow box to protect the knights and their precious battle-horses from the deadly arrow showers.

But new from the West and un-used to eastern tactics or Holy Order discipline many of the Antiochene lay-knights find it unbearably dishonourable to skulk behind lesser men - they break ranks and charge. His hand forced by their indiscipline De Graspillon orders the Holy Orders to support them.

As the thundering charge bears down the horse archers disperse and the Tawashi lancers behind them turn and fall back drawing the enemy on. 

Abandoned' the western infantry is shortly surrounded and charged down by the ghulams of the Seljuq heavy cavalry

While the knights, their single tactic played out, are engulfed once more by the deadly swarm. Their horses blown, they turn at bay under the walls they have come to destroy,  impotent to stop their precious beasts being shot out from under them.

As their monastic vows require' the Holy Orders fight to the death, but Arnauld de Graspillon, unhorsed in the last overwhelming charge, is taken alive. As a christian suicide is forbidden to him, as a Templar so is ransom. He will languish in captivity for sixteen years, until exchanged for a saracen princess.

Meanwhile Nurredin's young Kurdish protege, Yusuf Ayubb, is hailed by his troops for the first time as 'The Righteous Sword'

or, as the West will come to know him---


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