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Sir Arnold Grasp's latest project - the Old Mill complex on Sevastopol Street, Nemandible Parva

Dating from the 18th C. the present buildings - millhouse, bakery and shop - were almost derelict despite being  listed buildings, until someone had the sense to ring Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless who then rang her husband Sir Arnold.


Today the mill is once more a working historical monument. More than that it is a self-financing, non-profit trust offering much needed employment to a dozen locals and stone-ground, hand-made, home baked organic breads to a rapidly expanding county-wide clientele  

Inkerman Terrace, backing on to Alma Road and the Recreation Ground beyond (BB 19), most of the employees live within a few minutes walk of their work.

The Balaclava Road Fire Station, run by officer Ed Overheels (BB 17) just across the road from The Mill - handy if things get out of hand in the oven-house

The 'Bike Shed' once the Home and Colonial Store, now draws plenty of out-of-area visitors who seldom leave without a bap or bun

The Village Pound, given over to the 'Dig For Victory' campaign in 1940 and never taken back . Today it still gives locals a chance to get their hands in the soil. At Sir Arnold's insistence much of the produce ends up in the baguettes, pies and sandwiches sold next door.

Thanks to Sir Arnold and the new flow-control system in the stream the old undershot wheel is once more in action.

Never one to miss an opportunity Sir Arnold and Lady Lavinia drop by the Mill Yard to do an interview with local celebrity reporter Desdemona Molewrench (formerly Desmond Spanner - looks like there's still one operation to go). Sir Arnold's soundbite ' It's all in the dough'. Lady Lavinia just had hers painted on the delivery van!


A last look along the stream at an historical gem that is once more  a working part of its community 

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