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 The aerodrome at Nemandible Parva, another brainchild of Guy Chinless (19th Lord Chinless) the WW1 fighter ace (BB15).

Today it is a service centre for local helicopters, home to a thriving glider club but also the latest enthusiasm of a certain local Lady

The Grasshoppers - In spired by Sir Arnold's purchase of a Fokker Drei (BB 22) Lady Lavinia has become determined to recapture her grandfather’s adventure (BB 25)


One of the Graspettes acts as wig-wag man as Lady Lavinia and her repro Spad are towed out for her first solo, Binky Twinge, her instructor will be her wing man in his Red Baron tri-plane

While Sir Arnold Grasp, who has also treated himself to a Fokker VII, but spends most of his time in the clubhouse, stands by to lend support

Meanwhile Dribble the Doberman taxis up the apron to keep tradition alive and the limo moist.

 A view down Sevastopol Street to the aerodrome gate-tower. In the distance Binky Twinge maneouvres his FokkerDrei towards the bridge onto the landing strip


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