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The distinctive drone of the Fokker Drei signals the start of another inauguration ceremony as Binky Twinge brings his stunt plane in over the Institute

 Already nick-named the Grab & Grin building, The Institute will be the communications nexus and call centre for Grasp International and create over two hundred badly needed jobs in Nemandible Parva

The crowd cheer as the great man himself arrives in his wife's Rolls-Royce cabriolet, Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless can't quite be at his side today. But behind him comes his latest attention grabbing gimmick!

As Binky Twinge brings the DreiFokker round for a second pass we see why Lady Lavinia can't be there, once Twinge's most promising pupil she now leads 'The Grasshoppers' herself - that's her at the stick of the yellow Spad

And there on their wings are the Graspettes -  Shannon, Fiachra, Natasha, Tara, Bettany and Siobhan -  performing their most spectacular cheer yet

 As the life-size fossil is lowered into place Desdemona Molewrench (formerly Desmond Spanner) of the Chipping Chinless Gazette & Enquirer moves in .

"Sir Arnold, what kind of dinosaur is it?"

"A DoYouThinkHeSaurUs?"

 Sir Arnold moves to the Blue Planet sculpture on Arkitex Avenue, another donation from an anonymous white coated philanthropisit, to take further questions - Lemuel Bleach (PR) Jocasta Thrash (PA) and the Boys (Spatial Management) stand by to make sure the free questions stick to the script

As the crowd disperses and security eases a lone figure sidles in - Dribble the Doberman keeps tradition alive, but is a little disappointed when he gets to gnaw on his keepsake


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