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Sir Arnold Grasp's latest investment, the transformation of the rundown Poole Court into 'Quality apartments for the discerning elite!"

Luxury fittings and a residents-only health spa ensure the weary banker or executive has somewhere to ease the strain of counting up his bonus in comfortable privacy

 And for those with the taste for a little floral intimacy - true love blossoms among the orchids in the roof garden

Meanwhile down below Kliff Kwartz and the Pebble Dashers do a fund-raiser for Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless out on the lawn.

 Having shed his trade mark white jacket for a tuxedo for the occasion Sir Arnold still contrives to arrive late, yet again, in the company of Ms Jocasta Thrash, his PA - they've been hard at it till now at the office!

Discovered humming the theme from 'Mama Mia' on the assembly line at Sir Arnold's Jubilee Works just down the road Kliff is already booked for 'I'm Another Celebrity Nobody, That's Why I'm Available.' Showing his usual flair for making the most of an opportunity Sir Arnold has laid on local television and a visit by a well-known talent contest organiser to catch the boy's act.

Meanwhile Ronson Ashley, otherwise known as 'Ziggi Ash the Human Flame' , keeps the kids happy with the thought that he might ignite any moment

While his striking wife, Vesta, stands by in the fetching heat suit and leotard in case he does!

Over on the far side of the lawn one of the maintenance staff tries to explain to a resident why he can't play with the sit-on, while Dribble the Doberman grabs the opportunity to give an oimpromptu lesson on technique to the pooches of the great and good

The stretch limo - 'it's just a way to get me from A to B ' stands by to take the great man off once he's done his 'little bit' while Binkey Twinge, Sir Arnold's personal pilot, loiters alongside yet another vintage vehicle to whisk Lady Lavinia back to Namandible Hall when the time comes - Oh no! It's not all beer and skittles!


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