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 Built to a Palladian design, even down to the canals and ornamented out-buildings, Nayching Grange has been a working farm since 1710

Today it's home to a new enterprise - The Grasp Stud

A personal project of Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless, The Stud, was founded on two float horses put out to grass when Nemandible Dairies mechanised

 Since then it has prospered mightily – not least because of its attention grabbing annual ‘Event’ -  ostensibly a gymkhana for the local Thelwell Tubbies and a popular local ‘pull’, it is also covered these days by Regional TV.

This year Fiachra, Natasha, Bethany and Shannon, of the Graspettes, open the show with a startling display of bare-backed – and not just back! -  cheer-leading

There is also added interest in the show jumping – both Lady Lavina herself and Ms Thrash, Sir Arnold’s PA, have decided to compete.

Here we see Jocasta Thrash gathering ‘Big Boy’ for the start of her round.

Next up is Rupert Fitz-Anstarts who mis-times the tricky Four-Bar and forces ‘Catmeat’ to a refusal – three points away Rupe!

Tristan Smythe-FFouwkes dismounts to examine ‘The Wall’ for hidden difficulties – Yes, it’s clearly not as easy as it looked, Trissy!

The last contestant, Lady Lavinia urges ‘Arnie’s Pride’ at the tricky second gate

 The final jump – a lethal double that has faulted all before – Lady Lavinia lifts the big bay…

......and the pair soar clear

As usual, Sir Arnold and his big chopper come too late to see the show itself...

...But still in time to give the prizes as, Lady Lavinia, escorted by the runner-up, comes forward to claim her trophy  - while Dribble and the crowd wet themselves with delight

Finally, the full Graspettes  team round off a marvellous day with a spectacular show of equine agility and knickers

Ho… Ho…       oh….?

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