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The Alma Terrace Recreation Ground pavilion - Sir Arnold Grasp's survey team take a few measurements

Sir Arnold meets with some concerned locals to allay their fears

Six months on and the'few subtle improvements you'll barely notice' are complete

Sir Arnold advances to bowl the first ball in the inaugural match

Dribble the Doberman beats him to the wicket to make sure tradition is preserved while the 'Chinless Gentlemen' move into position 

Back at the pavilion Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless stands ready with new Grasp Grail while the balconies and verandah creak 'neath the throng of enthusiasts

On Alma Terrace itself normal life comes to a halt as the populace crowd to see the show

A panoramic view of the great occasion before.....

....the flanneled rain dance produces its inevitable result !

 you can see an alternative photo-set at: - password 'waterloo'


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