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Founded by the returning crusader, Sir Nigel Nemandible, as atonement for his part in the Fourth Crusade (BB 4) the college has been creating Chinless Wonders ever since

The statue of Sir Nigel glowers down on his distant relative - Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless and the colleges new patron, her husband, Sir Arnold Grasp, the plastic Bayko aerial millionaire

Sir Arnold is here to inaugurate his own contribution to the college - the new centre court library. A perfect glass and concrete compliment to the Georgian Quad and Jacobean Hall

Sir Arnold and Lady Lavinia take the tour and meet the college's equestrain team - Lady Lavinia has a keen interest in the sport having once been mistaken for a horse at Badminton - today she runs the famous Naychin Grange Stud down the road from the college 

Sir Arnold dresses up as the Easter Bunny to deliver gifts at the college creche - his diminutive PR, Lemuel Bleach, captures the moment - Sir Arnold understands the value of publicity, especially self-mockery

Sir Arnold makes his inaugural speech and accepts his honorary title as College President

Job done Sir Arnold - 'Man of the People' - leads the way to the beer tent where several of the more dedicated students have already started revision fortheir beer-glass recognition exams

Sir Arnold pauses by the college paddock to let his wife meet with some more of her distant kin, while Lemuel Bleach captures the moment  - which will surely make the lead in tomorrow's Chipping Chinless Gazette & Enquirer

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