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 BAYKO  32

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Once the centre for riding crop production throughout the empire the Jubilee Works in Nemandible Parva were the cornerstone of the Chinless family fortunes. Decline set in with the advent of the horseless carriage. By 1960 the works were derelict.

Today they pulse with life once more thanks to the enterprise of Sir Arnold Grasp the up-and-coming husband of Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless

Sir Arnold has made the works the centre of his Bayko aerial business supplying plastic aerials to the construction set industry and is expanding onto the neighbouring site (BB 25)

The man himself arrives with his famous chopper for Shareholders' Day

These days Sir Arnold has acquired quite an entourage - that's Binky Twinge his personal pilot in the cabin, the lady in red thigh boots is his PA, Jocasta Thrash, the diminutive green trilby is Lemuel Bleach (PR) while the young lady in red is his daughter Lady Isabelle, a major shareholder, as is Squit, the cat.

A tanker of the raw dipoleum from which the Bayko aerials are fashioned is delivered.

Crisis threatens the boardroom as it is discovered that the chief shareholder has disappeared - the local emergency services shut down the area at once.

The little rascal is discovered on the roof. Officer Ed Overheels tries to coax him down.

In the end there's only one way to get the job done - the air ambulance hovers ready to rush survivors to the vet or hospital whichever it needs.

Meanwhile the locals enjoy the unexpected show.

At the end of a hectic day Sir Arnold mounts a cherry-picker in the yard to express his thanks for the gift the shareholders have voted him.

While down below Dribble the Doberman gives the loyal response

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