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Laid out by Guy Chinless (19th Baron Chinless), the WW1 fighter ace and motoring enthusiast, in the grounds of Chinless Hall, The Chase was never a commercial success – crippled first by The Depression and then taken over by the M.O.D. during WWII. But it was always a superb ‘driver’s circuit’. 

A view from behind the Moet and Dom Perignon stands

Handed back to the Chinless family in derelict condition The Chase is today a going concern once more – thanks entirely to the genius of Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless’ new husband – Sir Arnold Grasp

A Formula for success – 500cc formula racing, all the thrills of a grand prix, but affordable by all.

Trackdays – everyman his own Clarkson – anyone can play, from a Boxster to a bag-of-bolts 

A mid-race refuel, the fire team stand by – all part of Sir Arnold’s winning formula, he provides the support, the customer provides the entertainment

The funnies – mega-machines provide the half-time entertainment

 The Young Farmers’ Quad eliminator – started by Sir Arnold in person – a huge draw for The County Set

Kart Kings – a super-charged cart on a 3-mile circuit –every speed-freak’s dream and great entertainment. Sir Arnold starts the final – Lemuel Bleach catches the moment
 Sir Arnold’s greatest success, persuading the ‘Tour D’Macclesfield’ to hold its speed trials at The Chase – here the lead peloton and today’s Yellow Cardigan blur past the Dom Perignon Stand
The Winner’s Balcony – Kings for a day Behind them the Bollinger Bridge Café stands ready to handle any crowd  –from Krug and caviar, to chicken and chips

Grasp Greens - ever alive to an opportunity sir Arnold markets his Chinless Hall produce  it gives the audience something to throw at the commentator

The Creche  - what Lady Lavinia hopes the cars won’t do!  With Easter only four months away, Sir Arnold reprises his role as the Easter Bunny

The Pits – devoted enthusiasts slave to keep their machines in the race – while local television milks the drama

The rear area with every brand of vehicle and petrol-head on offer – above them we can see the new sprinkler and fume extraction system Sir Arnold fitted to meet modern H&S 
The Bollinger Bridge Skywalk still the best view on the circuit 

 Sir Arnold consults with his catering manager , the internationally unknown, Salbot Ptomane, winner of the Cordon Sanitaire – Dribble makes sure Lemuel Bleach doesn’t catch fire
Binky Twinge, Sir Arnold’s pilot, poses in front of the Bond Gyro-copter – another popular attention grabber

A last look towards the Moet Stand

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