Bayko 47 - Chinless Station

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Chinless Station the new wrought iron and glass terminus of the Chinless Railway Co. to serve the new suburbs that railway has made possible

Built in the latest neo-gothic style the station delivers the new middle classes into the thronging heart of The City with all its bustle and variety - dance girls and negro bands drumming up trade for the local music hall, ladies of negotiable affection rubbing shoulders with pamphlet waving suffragettes, horsemen riding past the new horseless omnibus, street urchins chasing penny farthings while shepherds drive their flock to market.

Today however is different, today the station is honoured by a special arrival -  'Her Majesty' the old queen herself

The patriotic cheers fall into sudden silence as the ground beneath them starts to tremble, the royal coach bolts, some turn to flee, but most simply stare in stunned disbelief as the very cobblestones burst asunder

A hatch clatters open and a lone figure emerges - it is none other than Enoch Darling - the infamous tripe and cow-heels millionaire turned anarchist - and in his hand a smoking bomb. For a moment there is nothing between him and the old lady just yards away.

Fortunately the dastardly Enoch has grossly underestimated the bloody-minded belligerence and level of armament of the late Victorian public. After seven attempts on her person Old Vic never travels without her 'personal protector' (what did you think all those crinolines were for?)  close to hand; and 'Miss Babs' and Clarissa of the Poona Rifles (Cashiered for 'harsh language') along with their elephant guns, are never far away. Hard behind them comes Euphemia Spoon of the Foreign Office 'Bureau' along with Leonora Fitz-Sideways of the Daily Enquirer, ( fetching in blue) backed up by Detective Sargeant  Arnold Tremble of the newly formed CID (rather alluring in burgundy and mutton chop sleeves), constable Arthur Looseflap and his truncheon, Able Seaman Tommy Taplow, who keeps a Webley for the rats, Captain Barnaby Ahab, who totes a colt to light his pipe and discipline his crew, backed by Bill Sykes and his trusty cane, Ernie Mutter who carries the same, together with with a host of malacca armed gentlemen who haven't quite woken up yet; supported in turn by Shirley the 'consulting detective' and his side-kick, Jimmy 'The Bowler' Watson.
The real hero however is Dribble the Doberman, whose leg-moistening assault so un-nerves the villain that he drops the bomb which is promptly extinguished by the same 'liquid anxiety'.

Thwarted by the gallant pooch the desperate villain seizes a steam-bike and makes off at high pressure down Atbara Terrace - closely pursued by two 'ave a go' citizens on tuppence-ha'penny, Euphemia Spoon in a cab, the crew of HMS Minty and Shirley and Jimbo in, and on, a commandeered hearse  - don't worry, they dumped the casket first, that's it in the middle of the road.

Queen Vic examines 'The Worm' and gets her photo in the Daily Blab, while the machine goes on to excavate most of the Bakerloo Line. Enoch is taken when his bike runs out of steam and serves ten years on The Moor for 'littering' and 'damage to a public thoroughfare'. Euphemia helps found the first ladies' college at Cambridge, while Shirley and Jimbo achieve fame in the pages of 'Piccadilly' magazine -  Dribble signs with Goldstein Entertainments and performs at the Barking Hippodrome. His autobiography, 'Paws for Thought' becomes a best seller.

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Wonderful scenes and building, stories always fun to read.
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