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Vezelay En Lancre

Vezelay a town divided, like many in King Louis' France, between Huguenot and Catholic

Today it is market day, a special occassion when rivalries can be temporarily set aside

Outside St Etienne's the stall are already doing a brisk trade

Outside Florizel's some of the customers are already falling over the furniture

While across the way in Corporal Sanders  Poultry Palace the proprietor is thinking of emigrating

In front of the chirch there's a witch-burning in progress, something everyone can enjoy. Today it's Gytha Ogg's turn, if she burns she is innocent, if not she's a witch!

Into this happy throng trots the Duke of Buckingham, come to plot with the Huguenots and loudly demanding 'Ou est Jean Marie Foucet?' - the man's a menace!

And his progress across France has not gone un-noticed, here at the other gate are D'Hussac and his thugs, come to arrest the buffoon and embarrass Her Majesty, Queen Anne, who is known to be the Duke's lover!

But not to worry, for here,  as ever, come Bathos, Pathos, Chanel and D'Artagnan, sent by Queen Anne to save the day as usual

Meanwhile the Duke has caught up with Jean Marie, who turn out to be of the female persuasion - damn tricky these French names. Nor is she interested in starting a rebellion just to help the English! Poot!

D'Hussac meantime has run into trouble, finding the main street turned into a pig pen for the day he must continue afoot.

While the musketeers are also obstructed - by a wall of courtesy from Jean-Marie's Huguenot protectors

The good news is that with all this excitement in the offing they've decided to put Nanny Ogg on the back burner for the moment 

Because here at last comes D'Hussac and his ruffians, bursting for trouble

Fortunately the disappointed Duke has already started for home

Leaving the musketeers to hold D'Hussac in play and give the crowd what they've come for - Ohh! Look at the punto reverso on that one!

And so we say au revoir to...  What do you mean, what about Nanny Ogg?

Well, when the crowd got back it seems the good Granny had gone!

Well, according to Pierre, the moment the crowd turned away Ms Ogg simply stepped out of her ropes and snapped her fingers, whereupon a number of like minded women swept in and swept her up.

And with cries of 'Hi Ho Granny!' Were never seen again.

Of course you've got to remember that Pierre had been at Florizel's for some time before this happened

An so we can once more take our leave of Vezelay En Lancre

Though it's nice to think that Nanny Ogg, along with Magrat Garlick, Agnes Nitt and the inimitable Esme Weatherwax are still flying high somewhere! Not to mention Greebo, of course.

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remlap49 on December 10, 2016


Love it! Great scenes, interesting buildings with diverse roofing designs, not easy to do when combining Bayko and other building systems.
Bilfred on December 12, 2016


GunnerJim on November 24, 2016


Good use of Bayko Construction kits combined with interesting story line based on history although you should mention the scale of the building scale.
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