BAYKO 12 - Saint Cecilia's Sisters of the Sacred Sibilance

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Saint Cecilia's Sisters of the Sacred Sibilance

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The St Cecilia Priory on the edge of the Foret D'Fontainbleu, close enough to Paris to be a convenient  storage place for the aristocracy's surplus sisters, dumped dowagers, spare spinsters and the like. The current Prioress was once mistress to old King Henry.  

Hard by, the Auberge Galliard fulfils the Priory's duty of hospitality to weary travellers.

Good wine and country food, while upstairs ladies of negotiable affection offer a more earthly comfort than the Sisters of Sacred Sibiliance across the road.

Today Alice D'Artagnan has brought his lady, Constance Bonacieux, out for a day away from her husband. His fellow musketeers, Bathos and Pathos are with him. All three are here to escort Chanel to his... religious instruction.

Chanel will tell anyone who asks - he is a musketeer only temporarily, he intends to enter the priesthood

Meanwhile he steers his mount unseen down the side wall of the convent - the soul of discretion!

Which is more than can be said for the oddly clad stranger who rides up a few minutes later and, in execrable Franglaise, not to mention broad daylight, loudly enquires the way to the Priory's postern gate - the soul of subtlety!

The inn returns to its daily bustle

But a little later an unmarked coach draws up - a masqued lady is met by the prioress - Constance Bonacieux, the royal dressmaker, would know that profile anywhere - it is her mistress, Queen Anne.

Unfortunately Madame Bonacieux is not the only one who recognizes Her Majesty - that cowled figure is Milady D'Lateautumn, an agent of The Cardinal.  

Once more the inn gets back about its business

But sure enough, it is not long before another unmarked coach arrives, and no mistaking this occupant either, it is Armand Duplessis, Cardinal Richelieu, jilted suitor to Queen Anne and now determined to capture her en flagrante with her lover, The Duke of Buckingham!!!!

Flanked by his agents, Rochefort and Milady, the 'Eminence Rouge' enters the convent, revenge in his nostrils and his minions at his back.

Buckingham's horse is found and the side gate put under guard.

But there is simply no way the musketeers can stand by and let either their Queen or comrade be discovered! Bathos fires a warning pistol - drawing some of the Cardinal's creatures away from their mission

Inside, Buckingham hears the warning, snatches up his pantaloons and makes it out of the door one step ahead of his pursuers

While outside, it's back to business as usual  - will these redcoats never learn! three-to-one is just a target-rich-environment to these boys!

While the Englishman continues to clutch his clothing and scamper in circles

More by luck than judgement Buckingham stumbles on Chanel  taking his leave of the Prioress who has told him of the Queen's liaison. Like his comrades Chanel needs no further explanation

Leading the Duke to the Prioress' private gate Chanel turns to deal with his pursuers. Outside the Englishman helps himself to the waiting horse and waves a fond farewell, while the Prioress goes in search of the Queen and her clothing - though not necessarily in that order

Seeing Buckingham ride clear the musketeers run for their own mounts while Constance thwarts the pursuit and D'Artagnan turns to bid Rochefort au revoir - for they will surely meet again!

Informed that the bird has flown Richelieu is further delayed by the sisters' insistence on his hearing a choral recital from the convent orphans

Leaving Chanel to disappear quietly amongst the trees - muttering about the horse-thieving habits of Englishmen. 

But what, I hear you yawn, of Her Majesty? Well, one Sacred Sister looks much like another and even Richelieu would not dare unfrock them all. Naturally Dribble the Doberman turns up to help explain at least one of the Prioress' grubby habits.

And so we bid adieu to the Sacred Sisters of Sibilance

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