Baby Jaguars in BRG

Posted by: Doug in Member Blogs

1948 XK120 Roadster - Matchbox (Premier Edition)

In the early 1950's the XK120 was the sports car to have. Everyone else was playing catch-up. Clark Gable had one. This Premier version by Matchbox is perfect in BRG with a tan interior.

1964 'E' type Roadster - Johnny Lightning

A recent color addition, JL has finally done their 'E' type in perfect colors. What could be better than BRG and biscuit for this icon of British sports cars. The 'E' type is just as sexy today and this one is the best yet in 1:64.

XJ-SR by Tomica

Tomica did an excellent version of the Tom Walkinshaw Racing XJ-SR in correct racing colors. The model is the same as the stock XJ-S produced by Tomica. The real race cars was quite successful in European racing.

XJ40 by Corgi

The XJ40 replaced the long-lived series I-III XJ6 and XJ12 models from Jaguar (1968-86, done by Corgi, Guisval, Summer and Ertl). The XK40 was considered a bit too bland in style by many. This model was also done by Matchbox, Siku and Majorette.