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Board games are a universally loved pastime by many friends and families. Whether it be Monopoly, or Life, or Battleship -- they are great for rainy days spent inside or fun packed friday nights with friends. What many of us don't realize is that a fair number of these games have roots of times gone past --- serious roots. A great example of this link to the past can be found in the company Avalon Hill. Avalon Hill makes, and has been making, great strategy based role playing games for many years -- some as early as the late 1950's. The company Avalon Hill has changed hands a few times since then, but you can find their name and crest on a great many games.
These last few years, most role playing strategy games have mystical and fantasy elements of wizards and magic. However, did you know that in the 1950's and 1960's almost all of the strategy games were based on historical millitary battles? They are fantastic antique relics of what was popular among kids and game enthusiasts of the time. Just look at some of these pictures:

The detail that went into the elements of gameplay and historical accuracy are amazing. A great number of them were called Bookcase games, as they were meant to sit upright on a shelf in a collection. We just love that. Everytime we come across vintage games they spark our interest. At Radar Toys we are not dedicated players of strategy board games, but we respect the history these games contain and represent. All of the games we currently have for sale are for the lowest prices you will find. We leave the games undocumented as complete and try to pass on the lowest because of that fact. Our hopes are always to get these vintage games into the collections of individuals who appreciate and enjoy them the most. If you are interested in history --- millitary or strategy game --- take a look at these cool, vintage warriors. Any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Click here to see a dozen or so more vintage games. Radar Toys.
PS The house favorite is a toss up between Gettysburg and The War at Sea.

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