Auctioneers at the Sandown Park Toy Fair: Tri-Ang, Bing, Corgi & More!

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Along with all the fantastic traders, the Sandown Park Toy Fair is attended by all the UK's leading toy auctioneers, including Vectis, Wallis & Wallis, and Aston's Auctions - all of whom had brought along some of the amazing things that'll be up for grabs in their upcoming auctions. We went round and had a look at all of them and here's what we found in their display cabinets. Apologies for the less-good-than-usual photo quality, I had to do the pics on my iPhone!



Wallis & Wallis' upcoming sale on the 22nd of March will include a rare Bing Warship, believed to date from between 1904 and 1906. Remarkably, this extremely rare model was found in the loft of a house in England, and while missing a funnel and a guard rail and with some other wear, it is still in very good shape. No other example has been found for so long that the auctioneers say they have struggled to put an estimate on it, but that they expect it to make between £2,000 and £3,000. They also had a wonderful 1950's Tri-ang Bedford S-Type Army Control Vehicle in the same sale - what made it especially great was the printed "Please Wipe Your Feet" legend on the inside of the opening back door!



Many more wonderful Tri-ang models were to be found over at Vectis' stand as well, since their April 23rd sale will feature a huge collection of Tri-ang amassed over some 40 years by a single UK-based collector. The sale will include items from all the company's production areas, including wood push-along toys, games, tin beach buckets, pedal cars, dolls houses, catalogues and literature and lots and lots of wonderful tin toy trucks.



Among the most stunning is a 1938 Tri-ang Delivery van in blue. The model has survived in remarkable condition, and retains its electric-bulb headlamps and white tyres. Even more amazing, though, is the fact that it is accompanied by its original box, although this does have wear. Vectis also had cases full of Matchbox Models of Yesteryear cars and vans, as they will shortly be holding their first-ever all-Yesteryear auction from the Sean McGee collection, which includes many extremely rare variations.



Bamfords, one of the newer auction houses to move into the collectable toy world, also had some very nice items, including a rare set of Britains Petrol Pumps, complete with the original box and in wonderful almost as-new condition, plus a rare boxed set of Dinky railway figures and some excellent condition boxed Corgi character models, including James Bond Aston Martin and Toyota models.



Aston's meanwhile haveplenty of Corgi coming up on the block as well, including another great character item - the rare Corgi Juniors Batman set. Plus some other Corgi Junior set rarities, including two standard-car gift sets with rare silver Rover 3500s in both and a hard-to-find metallic blue Citroen Dyane in one.



Great stuff - can't wait to see what it sells for!



- LaToya

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