Anime North 2012 - Toys!

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I was so happy to go to Anime North 2012 for Toy Collector! On the Saturday I got into the dealers room and there were toys all over the place! There were toys from Dr.Who to Batman figures, there was a toy for everything and everyone. I snapped pictures of the toys that I thought were very cool and fun for people who collect certain toys. I got a lot of comic book characters from Marvel and DC and all different versions of the characters from each universe. I also got pictures of figures that are popular to people that watch Anime. The figures are always so detailed, colourful and appealing to the eye. So at Anime North where all the good toys are, there is something for everyone! I didn't even get to finish the dealers room since the dealers room was so big and there was so much to look at, I didn't get to go through it all. But it was a unreal time and I hope everyone likes the photos I snapped of toys!

Spider-man and Captain America

More pictures in my gallery!

Here are some of the names I got from certain tables:

Plant X - Queen St. Toronto - Alec -

A.K. Comics & Cards - Agincourt Mall Toronto 

Comic Alley Toys - Oshawa -

And to see pictures of costumes go to -

Alex O'Neill

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