Amazing Bayko Displays in Brighton

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Our friends at the Bayko Collectors' Club are continously out there showing of their good stuff.  Robin just told me that they presented at the Brighton Model World (looked like a good event and will have to go next year myself), here some photos of their display:

Large Bayko Mansion by Frank West

Bayko Castle by Frank West

Bayko display by Frank West

Bayko Plimpton Towers by Robin Throp

Bayko & Lott's Bricks by Andy Harris

Bayko & Alternative Systems Display by Robin Throp

Bayko Small Scale Cathedral by Andy Harris

Bayko Mansion by Frank West

Bayko Plimpton Manor by Robin Throp

Bayko display by Andy Harris

Find all the events the club displays in our Events Section and to get in touch check out our Bayko Forum.

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MRH on February 26, 2009

Love the large mansion

Very nice, will need to look more into Bayko
mellow60s on February 25, 2009

Something new under the sun ...

Ok, not so new, but definitely new to me, the Bayko Building Sets looked from a glance at the photos to be a Lego hybrid. So not so! A closer look sent me to the Bayko Building Site online and what I found made the trip well worthwhile. I look forward to learning a whole lot more about the Bayko sets and am curious about whether or not they were sold here in the US. Thanks for the pictures, and the link to the Bayko Forum.
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