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Size comparison with Sideshow Iron ManBefore I tell you who this statue will be, a bit of story on a funny afternoon.

On our way to the Mall of the Emirates this afternoon, I was driving peacefully at 100 kph in a 6 lane highway. Two lanes to my right was a hot red Ferrari sportscar also peacefully driving at the same speed. Out of nowhere a souped up Mitsubishi Lancer Evo came between us revving his engine obviously wanting a race with the Ferrari...

I don't know about you, but all three of us were lined up so perfectly that I thought i was part of the challenge and that the logical thing to do was to floor the gas pedal immediately. The glory lasted less than 2 seconds and the bastards were gone from my sight in 10. I was left enduring a hysterically screaming angry wife the rest of the trip. Twas fun though....

It's one of those rare moments husbands drive their wives mad. =D

Ok on to the new project. The guy who commissioned this is a big time Superman and Ironman fan. And I'm glad he did as I haven't' seen this done so far. Now, for the reference art....


new iron man armor

New Iron Man ArmorBleeding edge armor is the latest addition in Iron Man's set of armors. These are actually nano machines that are stored inside Tony Stark's body in its entirety, manifesting itself when mentally commanded. This makes me wonder if Iron Man is indeed still a man. The pose of the reference art will be followed except for a bit of articulation on the right arm and the following proposed additions. Proposed meaning subject to change depending on the feasibility of actually implementing it on the statue.

1. Height will be 20", the right arm will be bent towards the chest
2. The proposed base is a replica of an arc reactor and will have ultraviolet lights to highlight it.
3. Since this is supposed to be a shiny armor, the red and gold colors will be chromed
4. And lastly, note the numerous small repulsors around the body? All these including the arc reactor will have LEDs. Which I really, really hope we could pull off because it'll be one heck of a unique piece to wonder at.

Here are some early WIPs of the Bleeding edge armor.


Size comparison with Sideshow Iron Man

Size Comparison with Sideshow Iron Man

Iron Man Body Front

Iron Man Body Front View

Iron Man Body Side

Iron Man Raw Body Side View

Iron Man Body Front Close

Iron Man Body Close View

Iron Man Body Back

Iron Man Body Rear View

Stay tuned for the next update!

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