28mm PIRATES (9) - BAYKO 44 - 'La Hachada'

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Bayko 44

'La Hachada'

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La Hachada, second city of Nuevo Aranguez province

With her husband, Don Lardo, away up-country Donna Quibab has summoned the senior officers - to discuss revenge for her kidnapping at Castelbranca

(see- 'Auto De Fe' Bayko 40)

With the result that a few weeks later the silver galleon 'Pernambuco' finds herself alone on the high seas, her escort the 'Cacafuego' having turned back to Panama with an outbreak of yellow jack.

She is also hove-to, so that Don Garcia and Don Rohas can settle whether it is possible to fight a duel on a sleeping whale. Both hesitate however, not sure what effect the gunfire will have on the slumbering giant!

So engrossing is the contest that no one seems to have noticed the sleek brig now bearing down in full sail

It is the pirate, Walrus, and as she draws closer the howling rascals on her fore-deck send up a triumphant roar.

While on her aft-deck the Reverend Obidiah Flint thumbs his scriptures to find a suitably slaughterous passage

Waking to her peril the 'Pernambuco'  fires her deck guns - with fatal consequences for Don Rohas and Garcia, but none at all for the Walrus
Not wanting to damage his prize, Captain Flint sweeps in to board

Only to find the Spaniards more than willing to fight!

And even as battle is joined a new tower of sail looms on the horizon - the Cacafuego, summoned back by the Pernambuco's cannon

Roving sail as she comes about the mighty galleon unleashes a salvo of 'hot shot' at point blank range

Reducing the defenceless Walrus to a burning slaughterhouse in a single blast

Stunned by the loss of their ship the surviving pirates surrender. To their surprise Donna Quibab has no intention of stringing them up, not yet at least. Instead, they will be taken to La Hachada, the closest Spanish port.  

Three weeks on they are finally led out to face their doom, and Donna Quibab has clearly learnt from past experience - a total curfew, with no crowds for any rescuer to hide in, no dignitaries to be taken hostage.

But the delay has given the Brethren of the Coast time to react. With The Baracudda and Calico Jack Chinless away up-country Gaspard Le Phew and Happy Dan Pugh have organised a rescue and are even now overcoming the guards at the landward gate.

With cat-like tread and no sound at all the desperadoes hurry through the shuttered streets

Bursting into the main square they let fly a ragged fusillade

Which knocks two guards down and sends the rest running, only one even pausing to return fire. For Mad Hamish and 'Cookie' it is unfortunately too late, but for Josh Kipperfeet  who was about to join them, it's a miraculous salvation.

And then the doors of Santa Maria and the surrounding shops swing open, and a woman's voice barks, 'Fuego'! 

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