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for the full pirate saga visit 'Bayko Baron' 13,14,15,16,34,37,38,40,44,45

'Lakjaw Manor', 'the Rescue of Calico Jack','San Serif', 'Casa Lardo' ,'The Loom O'Shean','Isla Isabella',  'Auto De Fe','La Hachada' and 'Eldorado'

'Le Grenouille Frenetique'

The Inner Court of Governor Don Lardo's Palace in San Serif

While the hidalgoes congratulate Don Lardo on his slaughter of the pirate Arbuthnot , he celebrates by having his portrait painted by the Flemish master - Peter-Paul Fatbirds. Meanwhile two young Muscavado Hussars who have been twirling their moustachios at the same... lady; prepare to settle it in blood.

Given their reputation, Senor Mortadello and Father Fontanello are standing by 

While up on the minstrels gallery J.S.Clutterbuck and his Roccoco Rocksters provide background music and Donna Quibab and her ladies - too delicate and refined for such sport - drink champagne and lay side bets

The contest  has barely begun when a scarlet coach clatters in - Cardinal Numero emerges, followed by a line of sinister figures. The combatants draw apart, the crowd falls silent, because - nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition!!!

They have come to congratulate Don Lardo - but also urge him not to rest on his laurels but sweep the whole heretical pack into oblivion! Starting with the Huguenots in RocheMarie

Founded by Henry of Navarre Roche Marie lacks the tobacco or sugar to attract wealth - or a garrison to protect it. 

Lacking wealth, the settlement has also become a refuge for those who have suffered under the persecution of Richelieu or Mazarin.

A refuge also for Gaspard Le Phew (a whiff of garlic I understand) better known as 'Le Grenouille Frenetique' (The Frantic Frog)

Unlike his English cameradoes 'Le Grenouille' is a buccaneer in the old style, preferring a swarm of smaller vessels to a single ship.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, the Muscavadoes take the chance to shed their jackets and get down to some serious swordplay!

With the result that one shortly finds his ears boxed while the other is carried off in triumph

With both the Inquisitors and his entertainment gone Don Lardo is no longer in the mood for art. He marches off to begin his new campaign.

That same afternoon the Hidalgo Montoya pays his usual visit to Ms Sadie's Home for Indigent Seamstresses - where he tries to impress the young ladies with tid-bits of government gossip

Shortly Ms Sadie feels a sudden need for sea air

In the inner courtyard of 'The Angry Duck' the crew of The Saucy Gladys Trusspot are also being entertained

While up on the gallery above Ms Sadie delivers the dire news to her sister Ethel - better known as the 'Baracudda' - and Calico Jack Chinless loses his grip on Esmerelda the macaque, sole survivor of the slaughter at the Loom O' Shean, driven momentarily berserk at the name 'Don Lardo'.

Some weeks later the San Cristobal begins another secret disembarkation

The Regimento Irlanda form up before moving through the palm fringe to the fields and the settlement beyond

As she stands out to close RocheMarie harbour the San Cristobal spots an all too familiar brig ahead, it is the Saucy Gladys Trusspott - and seemingly completely unaware of her danger

All thought of RocheMarie lost in the flame of his revenge Don Lardo orders all sail set

While Major Guzman, promoted for his handling of Loom O'Shean, forms his men outside the protestant chapel - the sound of the singing inside telling him he has taken the cursed Huguenots completely by surprise.

As the hymns fade the whiff of garlic catches at Guzman's nose forcing him to look up.

Discipline starts to disintegrate as the men realise the trap

Happy Dan Pugh 'The Scourge of Aberystwyth' drops his cutlass to unleash the firestorm

The bellow of the cannon is a signal to The Baracudda too, turning she nods to Elzevear Block her bosun to draw cutlass and cut away the sea anchor - in a moment the Saucy Gladys gathers her skirts and starts to run

Teeth grinding with impotence Don Lardo is forced to watch as his prize slips from his grasp

Meanwhile - some fight, some fail, but the hail of lead finds all

At the insistence of Father Benoit there are survivors - sent out to the San Cristobal to give Don Lardo the news

Back in San Serif, Don Lardo gives way to his gout - while Donna Quibab has no doubt about who she blames for the latest humiliation

Story complete at

2484.members.page4.me - password 'waterloo'

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