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The Ur-quattro was a smash hit in the 1980's, but from the mid-90's a different kind of Audi coupe (and convertible) grabbed the limelight: The TT.

The Audi Centenary: Wiking & Audi

by Wiking


Here's a rather special late addition to our Toy Collector Centenary Auction Lineup: A 1/18 Norev model of the 2008 Audi R10 Le Mans winner, signed by the winning drivers!



All About BUB

The BUB Toy Company started manufacturing toys in 1851, when it was founded by Paulus Bub in Nuremberg, Germany. At first the company produced simple "Penny" type toys, but after the turn of the century, it turned to making higher-quality tinplate cars and trains, becoming well-known for these impressive models.