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The Audi Centenary: Siku & Audi




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By the 1980's, Audi's front-wheel-drive had helped drag Auto Union back into postwar prosperity and saved VW from its over-reliance on rear engines. But however famous Audi front-wheel-drive had become, something even more legendary was about to come out of Ingolstadt - the quattro four-wheel-drive system.



If you've been following the Toy Collector Audi Centenary celebrations since the kickoff, you'll already be aware of CMC Model Cars, since CMC made the very first two models featured, the all-white Audi 225 Front Roadster and the Audi 920 Cabriolet. Well, here's a little more on the company and its products!



In 1979, a newly-redesigned Audi 80 appeared, based on the B2 platform, with a body designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. As a result, the basic saloon was an eye-catching car, but its underpinnings also formed the basis of the even-more-dashing Coupe and quattro.