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Autoworld - a new brand with old names

by jclevering

The founder of Johnny Lightning in the 1990's sold his business and founded a new company. A couple of years ago he started a new company and not so long ago the first 1:64 diecast cars appeared. The cars offered are sometimes surprising and all in the same scale. They often feature nice details, like a roofrack as in the car below


Toy Box Treasurers - Playart II

by TalesofToyCars


The Playart story continues with material provided by Brian Willoughby of Kentucky. On this page and the 'Playart III' page linked below, I am pleased to offer Brian's excellent information on Playart with minimal editing. The Playart car to the right is the Porsche Carerra 910.

Technopark is a Russian brand of diecast, which is being supplied by Chinese factories. I am not 100% sure which factories are their suppliers, to the Technopark logo seems a bit like a Motormax-logo. The range features Russian vehicles only, but that makes their line-up so interesting. It seems that up to now, all small scale diecast cars of Russian cars are made for the Russian market (with the exception of Grell). For example, Welly too is marketing a series of Russian diecast, under the banner Autotime. Hongwell is doing the same using the Bauer-brand.


GAZ 66 - GAZ is the Gorki Automobile Plant and is located in Gorki. The 66 is a a truck made from 1966 up to 1999. Quite interesting Technopark decided to take a vehicle on sale that in real life is out of production for 15 years. We will see more surprise though!

As 2014 is now confined to the History Books, let's take a look at the best that 2014 had to offer in terms of small scale diecast cars.

Welly surprised us with a number of nice new vehicles, like the pictured Ford Mustang, a Trabant and an Audi Q5.

Volvo Wagons Roll On

by Doug

 This poster of Volvo Wagons inspired me to take images of all my small-scale Volvo Wagons.


 Corgi Junior 246 Wagon.


 Majorette 246 Wagon


 Yat Ming Volvo 850 Wagon


Hongwell Volvo 850 Wagon


 Hongwell Volvo V80 Wagon


Siku V70 Wagon


 Majorette XC 70 Wagon

Now, would someone please give us the 1800ES Sport Wagon!


New Majorette series

by jclevering

Recently, a new series of Majorette cars appeared in Germany. They're sold in a special packaging and contain 6 differently coloured Opel Adam's.