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Bburago's foray in 1:64

by jclevering

Bburago is an established name in diecast vehicles. After the takeover by Maisto some years back they have slowly come back into shops again. In Nuremburg this year, Bburago announced their 1:64 series of cars. When looking at them, I immediately thought I recognised them as Maisto-casts, but hoped they would add their own. This hope seems to be in vain. I was surprised to see them to get to marked so soon, as a big supermarket in France already carries them. I suppose they are available elsewhere too. The strategy is simple: single vehicle blisters and 5-pack boxes with one car in a "special" colour.

The base vehicles come, as said, from Maisto. Why this would constitute "Italian Design" - as shown on the packaging  - I am at a loss. The Maisto-version are "tuned" vehicles with "fat" tyres and extreme rims, that have deep recesses in the base and are lowered. Bburago made them slightly more street trimmed and with slightly more realistic looking rims.


Car Brands that dissapeared

by jclevering

Over the course of the many years the motor car has been build brands have come and gone. Some existed for only a few months, where others existed for over 100 years, like Mercedes-Benz, Renault or Ford. This blog post is trying to focus on brands that do not exist any more. From well known to lesser known. Let's kick of with some that are more known:

Saab has gone bankrupt recently. Not too many scale models of Saab have been done and this 1:72 scale Yat Ming is maybe one of the nicer ones done.


DTM in small scale

by jclevering

The DTM started out in the eighties, but the first scale models in small scale seem to have come much later, with the class 1 regulations. This started in 1993


Mercedes-Benz 190 Evo 2 (MicroChamps)


by jclevering

After seeing this post on Motormax from 2002 I thought it might be nice to look at what they are up to right now.

I cannot say I know every cast introduced after #6061, Ford Explorer, but can tell at least some. Some of the missing numbers seem to be reserved for the "Fresh Cherries" series. They were more detailed cars from the seventies and eighties of "bread and butter" cars. To keep everything clean, I rather show the somewhat more toy-like cars:

#6064: Lexus LS430

Recent Majorette

by jclevering

Majorette has been invisible for me for some years due to the place I lived. They were almost nowhere to be found. But recently I seem to be getting slightly more lucky. In fact, these vehicles come from the home of Majorette: France.

They seem to have gone more German since their takeover by Dickie of Germany.


Chinese cars (continued once again)

by jclevering

Chinese cars in small scale seem to be a black spot. Still, more and more vehicles are coming from the land of the Great Wall. In a previous post I showed Tomica's Hongqi, and I posted about the brand Chery before as well.

My latest addition is from Chery and like the vehicle before they seem to be key chain cars. The hub cabs seem to be loose, as both my previous examples of the QQ and the examples shown below have issues with missing caps.

Chery QQme