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Updated: Mini dealer models in 1:64

by jclevering

I posted before on the subject of Mini promotional models and like the story for BMW we've got some new diecast for this too:

The 2015 model year Mini Cooper S (F56)
Mini Paceman Cooper S ALL4.
The Mini F56 is sold in 4 colours, the Paceman in 2.

Updated: BMW dealer models in 1:64

by jclevering

Previously I posted on the subject of BMW Dealer models, but since then some new models have appeared. I will post a complete overview:

BMW i8

the latest BMW X5


BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car.
The BMW i8 is available in 3 colours. The X5 in two. The DTM cars have been sold in all liveries of the 2012 DTM season (6) and the concept Vision EfficientDynamics in only one.
For July a BMW i3 is announced.


by jclevering

Collecting small scale cars can change over the years. I remember finding my first AutoArt 1:64 car. This was a BMW Z3. Though undeniably it was a rather nice car, it did not appeal to me due to the high price tag and printed head lights. Considering other high end manufacturers were using clear head light lenses this was not quite good enough. So I left AutoArt. Around 2006 I bought some new AutoArt's which faired much better as these critical points were addressed. As not a lot is written about this series that lasted maybe 8 years, I thought it nice to give a start of an overview.


BMW Z3 - AutoArt 1:64

Gisima of Spain

by jclevering

Gisima is a Spanish diecast make. It is, like most Spanish diecast, from a town called Ibi. It existed for 20 years between 1978 and 1998 and made diecast of questionable quality. Most lacked detail and were plastered with (paper) decals. Some of their original include the Mitsubishi 3000GT


The cast even got a hole! Their Honda NSX is hardly distinguishable if it were not for the aforementioned decals.

Some relatively recent Oxford Diecast

by jclevering

Oxford Diecast is one of my favourite brands, even if they are a bit smaller then what I normally collect. Their range of cars from post-war to current cars is quite amazing. Some of the more recent cars are shown below:

Imagine this: About 10 years ago, Bentley was (almost entirely) missing in small-scale diecast. Recently, we've seen releases from Tomica, Welly and Oxford Diecast. The nice thing about Oxford is that they're not going with the flow of Continentals but also have an eye on the past. I am hoping to add some more later in the year.



by jclevering

YTGF is one of those non-licensed maker of small-scale diecast. Not the best scale models in the world, but interesting choices none the less. All have opening doors, the same type and size of wheels and all are exactly the same length. Strangely the packaging mentions 1:64 as the scale for all these cars. It is a more extreme case "3 inch"-scale.

Let's start with the worst of the bunch. Despite a nice choice of model, the Ferrari 458 Italia, it clearly looks wrong as it sits too high on it's wheels. It looks more of an off-roader then a Ferrari. It does feature opening doors and clear headlight lenses.