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2014 Schuco 1:64 series, a review

by jclevering

Schuco presented a lot of new diecast vehicles on the 2014 Nuremburg Toy Fair. Amongst the plethora of 1:87, 1:43 and other scales, there was the announcement Shcuo would be making a series of 1:64 diecast vehicles. All models are of German origin (Audi R8, Porsche 911 Turbo (991), Porsche 911 Turbo (930), Porsche Boxster S (981), classic Volkswagen beetle and Transporter). A rather conservative approach.

Unfortunately, Schuco presented the pictures in the catalogue, their site and in Nuremburg itself of preproduction vehicles, which were not the same quality as the actual miniatures. In fact the quality is better! An example is the Audi R8, which was presented without the characteristic silver coloured "blade" whereas the actual production version does have a silver blade. The Porsche Boxter actually contains an interior with colour accents, unlike the presentation version.

DSCF6466As a result, not many orders were placed.

Spark Petit, a review

by jclevering

Spark introduced a new series of 1:64 scaled miniature cars called Spark Petit. They released three cars in July which I received some days ago. It is nice to see a manufacturer trying to break the high-end market though few follow through. The cars are sold at around 8 to 9 euro each and feature metal bodies with loads of detailing in decals, tampo prints and plastic like head light lenses.


Let's start with the "worst" model out of the three released: The Porsche 901. Although the 901 is not represented in this scale, the 911 is and this model does not convince as a Porsche. The shape seems off, the headlights don't seem right and the window surrounds are applied too thick, which you can see with the small detailing next to the blinker can be applied thinner. The wheels too, don't seem to be the right size.

Aoshima Kei Sports Cars

by jclevering

Kei Cars are a Japanese phenomena which sets very strict rules for cars to comply with. They include dimensions and engine size and are quite popular in Japan as they are, from what I understand, the only type of car you can own for which you do not need to proof you have a parking spot. In the nineties most Japanese manufacturers wanted to offer their customers something fancier then the normal "box on wheels" these dimensions almost seemed to dictate. Aoshima has reproduced these in 1:64th scale in a series of 4 different models and 3 colours each, making the series 12 cars big. I got two of the casts some years ago and only recently was I able to complete the set. I did not bother collecting all the colour variations.


Suzuki Cappuccino

Efsi Catalog

by jclevering

Efsi was a Dutch manufacturer of diecast cars. It's predecessor was Best-box and it was succeeded by Holland-Oto (which still exists)



Opel Adam - dealer models in 1:64

by jclevering

Recently, General Motors introduced a "premium" supermini called the Opel Adam (Vauxhall Adam in the UK). They're aiming at the market of the Mini, Citroën DS3, Fiat 500 and Audi A1. The scale model is made by "elasto form KG", which seems to be a marketing firm that Opel hired. The cars are actually quite nice, with relatively good paint, clear lenses front and aft and wheels with hub caps.

Opel Adam - Purple Fiction - elasto form KG - 1:64

Yat Ming's last diecast?

by jclevering

Yat Ming seems to have gone, but they did go with a last hurray!


1953 Packard Caribbean