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The BBR Stand had the usual fantastic mixture of assorted Ferrari models in high-detail in 1/43 and 1/18 scale. This year's crop of new castings included a whole lot of very interesting model choices from the pantheon of Ferraris old and new, including 250GT  Convertibles, 599s, special bodied cars and others. Here's some pics!

Model Icons had their fantastic 1/18 Jaguar MkII's on display, along with their Rolls Corniche Coupe and upcoming Jaguar XJ6 resin:


The MkII's come in all flavours:

Heller have been around for a long time, and managed to bring several classy kits to the fair.


Hot Wheels Elite always have their own stand, far apart from Mattel, denoting their status as the high-detail, high-class arm of the HW empire (as befits a brand run by Egidio Reali of LookSmart fame!). This year, though, in addition to the usual super-high detail Ferraris, they had some things that were a little different...

First up, though, here are some of those Ferraris we mentioned...

I know I just posted the Revell slot cars, but the kits are so great, I'm doing them next anyway! There's something for everyone here; cars, military, boats, fire engines(!) - and a fantastic London Bus!

As usual, the Revell Germany stand was huge, colourful and wowed the crowds. I'll post the kits and model cars separately, but first up, here are the slot cars!