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Here's one for the 3-inch fans. Uni-Fortune are working hard on their RMZ City range of 1/64 scale cars (and supplementary scale-appropriate trucks). They're hoping to get wider US and European distribution this year. All the models are available as standard freewheeling models, pull-backs or with working headlights that shine for ten seconds when you press a button on the base. Models include Chevrolet Camaro, Land Rover, Range Rover, Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Audi A5 Sportback, assorted Lamborghinis, Mini-Cooper, Mini Clubman, Porsche 911 Turbo & Panamera, BMW Z4 Coupe, Nissan GTR, Corvette and more. All are nice quality with good-looking separate-hub wheels, clear plastic headlamps and full interior detail...

I visited the Majorette stand today and checked out their plans for 2012 - some great stuff coming!

To start with, they've decided to look back to vintage Majorette's quality values, with a range of three-inch featuring opening parts, suspension and extra-quality tampo'd lights and details. They envisage ten models per year with the range split equally between European, Japanese and American subject matter. 

As usual, there were lots of fabulous things on the Oxford Diecast stand!

Here's the upcoming Jaguar XK150 in coupe and convertible forms:

Here's something very new from Corgi - a three-inch (that's 1/64 scale-ish) range of toys! 

Of course everybody remembers Corgi Juniors, but they've been history for quite some time and Corgi has been focusing on the collector market. Now, however, they've decided to move back into the small-scale toy market with a new range including models, playsets and multi-packs designed to compete with supermarket-sold stuff like Hot Wheels, Realtoy etc. 

Most of the models are trucks, military or construction, with a few tractors etc thrown in. There are only a couple of cars for now (a Mini and a London Taxi) although most of the castings are licensed. The toys have been designed to be chunky and feel heavy and high-quality, and so they have thicker axles and more realistic wheels than some counterparts. There are also trailers with boats etc. Here's a look at what's in the range...

Some of the upcoming models from OttOmobile;

As well as bringing new models to their traditional 1/64 scale series, GreenLight are gunning for bigger scale and international markets, with new 1/18 and 1/43 models. In 1/18, we'll be seeing this classic 70's Ford Mustang II Cobra: