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As promised, here's the rest of Solido. These are the larger scale car models...

I'll be posting on Schuco separately, but thought this deserved its own individual entry! This is the prototype for Schuco's upcoming limited-edition Mercedes 600 Hearse. It'll be 1/43 and is the company's first entry into what seems to be an amazing growth market in diecast. A few years ago, model hearses were almost unheard of, now, thanks to companies like Oxford Diecast and Matchbox (among others) they seem to be everywhere, and collectors can't get enough of them! Just 1,000 of these will be produced and it's coming out later this year. Makes a change from the usual limos!

There was so much to snap on the Solido stand that I'm going to have to break it into chunks! First up, here's what was there in 1/43 - a mix of ancient and modern, civilian cars, off-roaders, SUVs, fire service vehicles and more!

Here's the second part of my Revell postings, featuring the model plane kits!

As usual, Revell Europe had a dazzling display of models and hobby products. This is always one stand where you need to take multiple pics and as in previous years, I'll be posting about their stuff in separate blog posts as there's so much of it. Let's start with the vehicle kits...

Lots of aweseme American cars from Neo's 1/43 resin range on display in fully-finished and prototype form. Apologies for any duplication in the pics, I couldn't resist taking multiple shots of some of these!