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Sun Star's big scale models are building quite a following, check out my pics and you'll see why!

Starting off with 1/12 scale, here's Paddy Hopkirk's classic Monte Carlo Rally Morris Mini Cooper S:

I do like it when I get to see something a bit different. Academy certainly provided it this year. Of course, they had plenty of models of planes, ships etc on display, all up to their usual standards:

HMS Warsprite

I love visiting the Kyosho stand. Most of it is taken up by the RC models, but they always have a dazzling display cabinet of diecast in big and small scales! 

This year, among the 1/18's, my eye was caught by this shiny green BMW 2002:

Here's more of my pics from M&D. It wasn't just musclecars....

Harleys by HWY61:

Some companies put out helpful little "New" signs next to their new models, while others don't bother, necessitating that you have to ask what's new and what's old. TSM were extra helpful this year: EVERYTHING on show was new, with the exception of their accessories range!

Here's a look at all the new stuff...

I couldn't quite believe how many pics I took on M&D's stand when I downloaded them to edit - I guess they just have a lot of stuff that makes for really great pictures! So this is another one I'm going to have to split...