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Dinky Toys' Bling '69 E-Type Jaguar

by Baskingshark

Proving that toy cars could look totally pimpin LONG before Jada Dubs, Dinky prepared to usher in the seventies with this bling metallic purple E-Type 2+2 Coupe on a '69 G plate, complete with turquoise interior and gold baseplate (just about visible in the second picture)!


The KIDCO-Dinky Connection

by DaveWeber

Photos by Doug Breithaupt

Dinky Toy cars first appeared in the early 1930's and were manufactured by the Meccano Company in England. Reference to Dr. Ed Force's book Dinky Toys is recommended for a good historical summarization. It is noted that most Dinky models were closer to 1:43 scale, as compared to the smaller Matchbox/Hot Wheels 1:64 scale.