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According to the Dinky Toy Compendium, 368 Zygon Marauder was initially issued as the Cosmic Cruiser for Marks and Spencer in the run up to Christmas 1979. It came in special St Michael packaging and was marked only 'Made In England' on the base of the toy. These models were made in limited quantities and are scarce nowadays, especially in

pristine condition. I've never come across a St Michael boxed example. The Cosmic Cruiser was a revamped version of the 367 Space Battle Cruiser.

When reissued in late 1979 as the Zygon Marauder, painted red and white as part of the Dinky Toys range, the name Dinky Toys was added to the base and the labels were changed to reflect the 'Zygon' connection. The name Zygon was presumably chosen for a range that ran to three vehicles because it sounded suitably 'alien' therefore appealing to youngsters. Very likely also that the range was created to diminish stocks at the Binns Road factory that closed in late 1979. This version was issued in a box which featured a cut-out space station, a nice touch. It combined with the inner card on which the model was held with three white plastic pegs.

The twin red missiles (I imagine a spare was also supplied) were pushed through the barrels which compressed the springs inside and, due to the missile design, locked in place, held by a lug located on the base of the rear of the launchers. Applying pressure to this area lowered the lug which released the missiles at some speed. The barrels could be tilted upwards, the launchers swivelled left and right and the canopy removed if so desired. 
As with many other Dinky Toys, a prototype all-plastic version of this model was also produced.

An example has been noted in a Space Battle Cruiser (the m
odel the Cosmic Cruiser was based on) box. It seems to be a sales example or, perhaps, a marker amongst the stock at the Binns Road factory. The label reads 'Dinky For Marks And Spencers'. This nice example was sold at auction and is, in all probability, unique in being standard boxed.

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Lot 159 - The Filoscope flipbook optical toy, The British & Biograph Co Ltd, printed tinplate case holding a series of black and white images, the lever is used to flick the images to give the illusion of movement, 8.5cm long, c.1900

Lot 206 - Paradise Novelty Co clockwork tinplate and celluloid Mickey Mouse Jolly Cart, celluloid Mickey Mouse figure in tinplate cart being lead by a celluloid figure of Pluto, Regd No. 536488, 19cm long, boxed - illustrated paper label to lid

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Dinky 25v Bedford Cab

by Nobleco

I have been working on the cabs for the Dinky 25v Bedford Refuse truck. This cab was used for a number of different models and I have discovered, I am sure not for the first time, that there are some significant casting changes. Mostly in the rear section. The front end is different where the bumper ends. Look at the photos and you will see what I mean.