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Code 3 Dinky Toys

by Nobleco


Code 3 models are models that have been varied in some way from the original model. Not a copy of one already done but something new and different.


The Mercedes-Benz 600: Dinky's Longest Car!

by Baskingshark

The longest of Dinky's road cars was also one of the longest-lived. The 128 Mercedes-Benz 600 was 14.8 cm long and had a production span of 15 years, being inroduced in 1964 and remaining in production until 1979. This rivalled the production life of the real car, which was produced from 1963 until 1981.


The Universal-Dinky-KIDCO Cars

by Baskingshark

Kidco-Dinky CorvetteA while ago, Tales of Toy Cars covered the Dinky-KIDCO connection, with some great pictures of the KIDCO issues, I thought I would expand on that article a little with the focus on the Dinky versions.


In 1980, Dinky had been bought by Airfix and was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. In an attempt to stay afloat, Airfix seemingly decided to try and grab some of the Matchbox 1/64-scale market, with a range of small-scale Dinky-branded models produced in Hong Kong by Universal Products.



Dinky Exhibition at the Silk Mill Museum

by dinkycollect

This year 2009 the Dinky Toys marque is 75 years old. The marque was registered the same year as the mythic Citroën Traction avant and the VW Beatle were introduced. To celebrate this anniversary, the Dinky Toys Collectors Association (DTCA) has organised a huge exhibition at the historic Silk Mill Museum in Derby.

Silk Mill Museum in Derby

Dinky Toys 60FF Caravelle Plane - "Scandinavian Airline System"

DinkyToys60FFCaravellePlane.png picture by cubitgroup


The Caravelle Plane  with SAS decals. Labelled generally as 60FF, although technically it is just a 60F variant, also labelled 891C. The variant [above], unlike the standard "Air France" issue [below], is the SAS decal to the wing and "Scandian Airline System" to the side of the plane.

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Simply Dinky 15 Auction: A Record Breaking!

by VectisAuctions

Over the last decade Vectis have achieved some record breaking prices for many diecast models and in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Dinky Toys a three day auction was held in May 2009 "Simply Dinky 15". This was one of the highest quality collections of Dinky Toys ever seen at auction. Listed below are a selection of Record Breaking / High achievers over the past decade.