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Car Driving as an Art & some vintage diecast

by ModelCarFreak

Bought this lovely book called "Car Driving as an Art", a guide for learners from the early 50s.  It has lots of images and I scanned the ones with diecast.  Do you know what they are?

Bought this one at the same time as the DY-9 Land Rover. Its a basic heavy diecast model excellent for display purposes only. The silver metallic blue was a fairly standard colour in the 1990s as it was used on specific Yesteryear models at the time.

Would've been nice if TPTB been a bit more adventurous in their colours for this model in either light pastels or two-tone combo's.

A few weeks ago during another forum discussion about Matchbox-Dinky I realized I must have this particular Land Rover in my collection. Won it for a reasonable price without any great hassle and straight from the UK for a change.

As usual, we went along to Sandown Park to check out the toy fair and promote the new marketplace (coming in just a few weeks now!) Lots of great stuff there as ever and a great time was had by all! Here are some pics!

Restored: Dinky 35A Saloon (grey)


Couple of weeks ago I was elated to receive one of my layby's. I paid a whopping NZ$40 for this no-wheel play-worn Dinky 35-series that although commonly rare I would still deem it a lucky find.


Getting the wheels I found on eBay after a bit of a discussion that the wheels are black rubber. Diecastplus (Nigel) has the little car listed as a 35A Saloon, made within 1936-48 by Dinky, and it came in blue or grey, either with white rubber tires or black. In this case 'Ravenrose413' had a set for a reasonable US$7 which I promptly picked up. (My apologies for our local resident Nobleco, forgot to look in your shop).

You'd think I'd be happier to find a very rare pre-war Dinky. But when I received my very rare 25H no base Streamlined Fire Engine I realized I would be its last owner and see this model crumble to dust.