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Dinky projects code 3

by Mopsy

Few pics of finished projects

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Some years ago, I bought an interesting variant of the Dinky #134 Triumph Vitesse.

This one was produced in India, I suppose after the production ceased in England, and before the Nicky Toys production.

At the beginning of its production, the BEDFORD articulated truck was painted dark red. But even this variant has its own sub-variants...

The very first models produced had two differences with their followers :

The moulding of the coupling on the trailer has a different design, making the articulation of the trailer with the truck only able to reach around 45° (model on the left), when on later models the cab on the truck can virtually reach the side of the trailer (model on the right), causing sometimes chippings...

Usually, when you look at the baseplate of the french DINKY FORD trucks, you can read the lettering having the front of the truck facing down. On this model you read the lettering having the front facing up. This unusual variant has been seen on only two 25I trucks, both having all-metal wheels. What about your Fords ?

I recently bought what I think to be one of the very first MOTOCART produced by DINKY. This example doesn't have the usual MOTOCART lettering on an oval casting, but has MOTO-CART initial casting. Never seen any picture of this variant on the net, so the mystery is now solved...