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corgi public transport halifax tram

by sh00ter

Hi members, the halifax tram i am looking for is  from the classic public transport series from 1993 made bye mattel in leicester who bought out corgi for a short time. Is there anyway anyone  could help me to purchase this halifax tram or put us on the right track to attain one. Would be deeply in your debt if you can

ps it will be a 972...no i think



Bamfords Auctioneers Toy, Juvenalia and Collectors Sale - Friday 2nd March 2012 commencing at 10.30am at the Derby Auction House.

Viewing Thursday 1st March from 2pm until 5pm and on the morning of the sale from 9am.

Live bidding at www.the-saleroom.com/bamfords

The sale to include 400 lots of Toys, Dolls, Teddy Bears, Trains, Die-Cast, Corgi Toys, Dinky Toys, Tinplate, Star Wars, Lead Figures, Autographs, Books, Sporting Memorabilia, Stamps, Cigarette Cards, Medals and Militaria.

Lot 159 - The Filoscope flipbook optical toy, The British & Biograph Co Ltd, printed tinplate case holding a series of black and white images, the lever is used to flick the images to give the illusion of movement, 8.5cm long, c.1900

Lot 206 - Paradise Novelty Co clockwork tinplate and celluloid Mickey Mouse Jolly Cart, celluloid Mickey Mouse figure in tinplate cart being lead by a celluloid figure of Pluto, Regd No. 536488, 19cm long, boxed - illustrated paper label to lid

Since these these seem to have sparked so much interest, here's some more on them. 

I talked to Corgi at length about the range; they tell me that the idea is to produce a high-quality toy that's built to last and have a "chunky feel" to it. (these have 50% more diecast in them than competitors, and axles that are 1/3 thicker) and will focus on European vehicles seen on British and European roads, rather than US vehicles, harking back to the sort of vehicles produced by Corgi Juniors in the old days. They'll also focus on "real" vehicles across the range, ie stuff kids will see driving round every day. The range is designed to be educational too, with vehicles like the Army Jackal licensed and given its proper name. 

There are four categories: Military, Construction, Emergency and Agriculture, so the vast majority of vehicles in the range are not cars; there will be a Mini Cooper, a TX4 Taxi and a pain white Discovery and more cars may come later in the range in its second year. If they do, they will also focus on "everyday" cars that a child's parent might drive. Corgi are also considering more category themes, and these may include racing, which would mean some racing cars. 

Here's something very new from Corgi - a three-inch (that's 1/64 scale-ish) range of toys! 

Of course everybody remembers Corgi Juniors, but they've been history for quite some time and Corgi has been focusing on the collector market. Now, however, they've decided to move back into the small-scale toy market with a new range including models, playsets and multi-packs designed to compete with supermarket-sold stuff like Hot Wheels, Realtoy etc. 

Most of the models are trucks, military or construction, with a few tractors etc thrown in. There are only a couple of cars for now (a Mini and a London Taxi) although most of the castings are licensed. The toys have been designed to be chunky and feel heavy and high-quality, and so they have thicker axles and more realistic wheels than some counterparts. There are also trailers with boats etc. Here's a look at what's in the range...

This fantastic Corgi James Bond Gift Set will go under the hammer on 28th January. The cars are all in very good condition and still have their original backing cards. Estimate £1,500 - £2,000.

There is was, 6:30 am and just getting out of bed. Put the coffee on and went into the living room and turned the TV on to the morning news. Roads to the coast were bare and dry so far so my trip was a solid go. Coffee made and a cup in me I got dressed and went out to start the truck. It has been below freezing here overnight for the last couple of weeks. Isn't Mountain life grand?